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Carol Scott

Frequency and Engagement: Analyses of Emerging Adults’ Social Media Use

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“I sit in the camp of social media is not the Devil. It has wonderful benefits to it. Yes, there’s risks, but just like anything else in life there’s also equal benefits.”

Carol Scott

In this episode, our guest Carol Scott, MSW, discusses her work examining emerging adults’ social media use and the risks to their well-being. She describes the importance of understanding the distinction between frequency and engagement in the study of social media use and offers guidelines for talking with emerging adults about their use of social media.

Carol F. Scott, MSW, is a PhD candidate at the University at Buffalo School of Social Work. She has more than a decade of experience conducting research related to the well-being of youth. Carol’s dissertation examines youth social media use, focusing not only on frequency of use but also on social media engagement (i.e., the centrality of social media in their lives) and its relation to well-being in a variety of domains, including substance use and peer relations. Through her interdisciplinary research, Carol hopes to refine our understanding of social media use and contribute to the social work grand challenge of harnessing digital technology for social good.

Interviewer: Melanie Sage, PhD

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