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Dorlee Michaeli

How Social Media Expands Social Work Career Choices

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“It’s important that you be authentic. Not only will people see right through you if you are fake, but people only connect with real people.”

Dorlee Michaeli

In this podcast, social worker and social media coach Dorlee Michaeli offers an engaging commentary in which she highlights how social workers can use technology to expand their range of influence in an effort to expand access to services, improve continuing education for practitioners, and remaining culturally competent. Even further, she discusses how technology has allowed a way in which social workers are kept accountable for their work via technology. In order to best exhibit these ideas, Michaeli shares her own personal development in her use of technology. Michaeli is able to offer both large scale theory based material as well as practical guidance in the day to day technological advances which benefit both work with clients and with colleagues.

Dorlee Michaeli, MBA, LMSW first earned her MBA in marketing and worked as a project director in the marketing research field for over 10 years. However, there was always a part of her that felt a pull towards mental health and helping people. With that in mind, Michaeli chose to return to graduate school at NYU’s Silver School in Social Work in 2011 for her MSW in order to make a difference to the social work profession and in clients’ lives. Her clinical experience was with a women’s health clinic and at an outpatient mental health clinic. With this vast array of experience, Michaeli has been able to integrate both areas of expertise in order to educate social workers and community advocates on how to help their clients develop a better relationship with their money so that they may take control of their financial circumstances, as well as how to employ social media to enhance their social work practice. She is also the creator/owner of the www.socialwork.careerblog. During her career, Michaeli has attained a Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW) in New York State, a Certified Financial Social Worker (CFSW), and obtained a certificate in Advanced Clinical Practice. Michaeli is currently working as a social worker and social media consultant for both the Center for Financial Social Work and the University at Buffalo’s School of Social Work. She plans to return to clinical work this year. She has also recently co-authored an article for the Encyclopedia of Social Work.

Interviewer: Pat Shelly, MSW

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