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Dr. Nancy Smyth

The UB School of Social Work: Adventures and Future Ideas in a Digital Age

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Dr. Nancy Smyth

It’s our 100th episode, and we have invited our Dean, Dr. Nancy Smyth, to reflect on our long, sometimes strange trip as we’ve found our way in producing years of compelling podcasts and sharing the work of our tremendous guests. Dr. Smyth discusses the early days of our series, our impact so far, and her thoughts about the future as Social Work and Social Work Education comes to grips with the risks and opportunities in the digital age.

Interviewer: Anthony Guzman, MISM, MNCM

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  • Excellent stuff. I am a PhD in Counselor Supervision and Education student at Liberty University (who has also recently received CSWE accreditation for its MSW program in 2023 Yay!) and found these podcasts. Thank you for your service to the helping profession Dr. Smith!

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