Episode 224 - Janelle Goodwill: How Media Influences Young Black Men's Conceptualization of Masculinity

Monday, September 25, 2017, 9:18:36 AM

Image of Janelle Goodwill

In this episode, our guest Janelle Goodwill, MSW, describes her work on the YBMen Project, which studies what is unique about how media affects young black men in college. Exploring their preferences and learning how young black men use media for support, our guest discusses how media affects their mental health and their view of Black masculinity.

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Average Rating: 5stars  being a black male in college , Thursday, February 08, 2018

By Marese Dixon :

This podcast was very interesting to me for several reasons. First, I have had the pleasure of having the interviewer, Dr. Chris St. Vil, as a professor last spring and Black male masculinity is a subject that he has dedicated his professional career in. I felt that if there was anyone to interviewer someone on this topic, he would be the best one to do so. Secondly, this is a topic that relates to me as a black male in college, so I thought it would be a great idea to get a professional prospective deriving from explored intervention, research and data. What was most interesting to me about the interview was when the interviewee, Ms. Janelle Goodwill stated that the sample size of black males when conducting research has mostly been a problem due to the lack of trust among black people in this country towards researchers due to the abuse of the past. Black people in this country has been exploited by the majority in America which has created a barrier of mistrust and a lack of willingness to participate in any sort of research. This is very important for a researcher to understand when they are trying to conduct studies on this population. I believe, stereotypically, some researchers may believe that black people are lazy and do not what to participate in anything that has no quick monetary gain or handout, so therefor, they are quickly written off. The approach that Ms. Goodwill and her colleagues took to conduct their research was culturally sincere and competent. Being a black male myself, I would like to see more research conducted on black males in this country and abroad. Research such as these can open doors of endless information and inform policies that might deliver some answers and solutions to problems that black males face every day. I too, look towards the media for support at times due to the lack of black male roll models in my life. Dr. Chris St. Vil was the first black male professor that I had throughout my entire collegiate career.

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Average Rating: 5stars  podcast review, Wednesday, February 07, 2018

By Bridget :

This podcast provided a lot of insight from Janelle Goodwill on the mental health of young black men. It was eye-opening to hear that many black men may be less likely to participate in general research studies due to hesitance stemming from systemic oppression over so many years. It is very admirable to focus on this population and provide them with the opportunity and the power to give their input in a research setting and it will be interesting to see what they are able to find.

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