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Janelle Goodwill

How Media Influences Young Black Men’s Conceptualization of Masculinity

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“There is just not enough information out there, particularly on the research side of things, on how media is shaping young Black men’s views of themselves.”

Janelle Goodwill

In this episode, our guest Janelle Goodwill, MSW, describes her work on the YBMen Project, which studies what is unique about how media affects young black men in college. Exploring their preferences and learning how young black men use media for support, our guest discusses how media affects their mental health and their view of Black masculinity.

Janelle R. Goodwill, MSW, MS, is a PhD candidate in the Joint Program in Social Work and Psychology at the University of Michigan. Her work focuses primarily on Black men’s experiences with mental health, with specific interest in studying issues related to depression, suicide, and spirituality. In exploring these topics, Janelle plans to conduct intervention and prevention research among underserved populations and communities of color. Janelle is a recipient of the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship and the Active Minds Emerging Scholars Fellowship. Janelle earned her MSW and MS degrees from the University of Michigan. She currently serves as the project manager for the Young Black Men, Masculinities, and Mental Health (YBMen) Project, a Facebook-based intervention that addresses the unique mental health needs of Black college men.

Interviewer: Chris St. Vil, PhD

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