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“We’re not just talking about White people here. We’re talking about Whiteness as a set of practices that’s steeped in replicating forms of dominance.”

Dr. Donna Jeffery

Join us as we speak with Dr. Donna Jeffery about the challenges encountered as Social Work education attempts to develop anti-racist methods and practices of teaching. Dr. Jeffery describes the tension between “being” and “doing” and the obstacle this tension poses for Social Work students and educators. What are Social Workers to do? What is the most practical application of anti-racist content encountered in Social Work education, especially given that content is frequently experienced as overly theoretical and disconnected from the demands of practice? Dr. Jeffery offers her insights on navigating the path forward through this apparent double-bind.

Donna Jeffery, PhD, is an Associate Professor with the University of Victoria, School of Social Work in Victor, BC. Dr. Jeffery obtained her PhD in the areas of sociology, and equity studies in education through the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on race, power, knowledge and professional subjectivity. She teaches an elective on environmental justice in social work and has spent several years in administrative roles in the Faculty of Human and Social Development.

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