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Incarcerated black male talking to spouse on prison phone.

It’s a family affair: Impacts of incarceration on children and families

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“One out of two adults have somebody related to them who has been incarcerated, So to be able to be effectively responsive to that is such a need.”

Dior Lindsey, MSW ’16

If a person is being held accountable for a crime, do we need to punish their entire family?

While adult incarceration gets most of the attention, that’s only a part of a series of loss, separation, trauma and other stressful circumstances experienced by children and families whose parent or loved one is involved in the criminal justice system.

On inSocialWork this month, our guest, Dior Lindsey, discusses her work with this population through the Osborne Association and FamilyWorks Buffalo. She describes what these organizations do — and, critically, why they do it. Dior explains what happens to families with an incarcerated member and what they need to move forward and thrive despite these circumstances.

Dior Lindsey, LMSW, MSW ’16, is the program coordinator for the Osborne Association’s FamilyWorks Buffalo program. In this role, she and her staff work to support the children and families of those incarcerated in the Western New York region. FamilyWorks Buffalo offers free video-visiting services, youth support, relationship-building activities and training for agencies to understand the needs and experiences of children affected by parental incarceration. Lindsey, a graduate of the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, is a member of the Buffalo Chapter of the Association of Black Social Workers. She also serves as a police trainer for Osborne’s Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents project. Throughout her social work career, Lindsey has worked with children, adolescents, families and adults in a variety of settings, including inpatient substance use treatment centers, community centers and schools.

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Cite this podcast – Sobota, P. (Host). (2023, June 20). It’s a family affair: Impacts of incarceration on children and families (No. 318)[Audio podcast episode]. In inSocialWork. University at Buffalo School of Social Work.

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  • i currently have a son that is experiencing his father being incarcerated his dad has been gone for 3 years their bond was very close he’s absolutely a daddies boy he doesn’t talk about it a lot but i can tell sometimes he is in a sad state but tends to put a smile on do you happen to know anything i can do to help him through this time hes 11 and his dad has been in his life since birth

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