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Dr. Joy Learman

Gender-Based Violence and HIV Infection: Experiences of HIV-Positive African Immigrant Women

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“The dynamics of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and power and control are similar regardless of your country of origin.”

Dr. Joy Learman

In this episode, our guest Dr. Joy Learman describes the underlying dynamics that can increase a woman’s risk of being HIV-positive and failing to obtain treatment. She discusses her research involving contextual factors and personal experiences of HIV-positive African immigrant women. Dr. Learman emphasizes the need for support for at-risk groups and the development of policies that promote women’s reproductive health and decrease their risk of HIV.

Joy Learman, PhD, MSSW, is assistant professor and social work program director at Meredith College. Her research explores the role of gender-based violence and inequality of women’s sexual and reproductive health. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and she has presented at a number of conferences at the international, national, and regional levels. She received her doctorate of philosophy in social work from The University of Texas at Austin and her master of science in social work from Columbia University.

Interviewer: Eusebius Small, PhD

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