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“I really appreciated so much doing this work in a cross-racial pairing, it changed my life in a lot of ways and by that I mean it was really important for our relationship, in our growth and transformation as people, as social workers, as participants, as facilitators, and as burgeoning educators… one way to heal from the illness of multisystemic privilege and oppression… is to be part of an honest and supportive, and mutual, and caring relationship and that cross-racial dialogue in that relationship.”

Dr. Ashley Davis &
Dr. Allyson Livingstone

The NASW Code of Ethics and International Federation of Social Workers’ “Statement of Ethical Principles” call for social workers to challenge discrimination, oppression, and “unjust policies and practices.” In the United States, racism remains a lasting and pernicious example of those injustices. In this podcast, Dr. Ashley Davis and Dr. Allyson Livingstone describe the development of their Anti-Racism Project. The discussion includes their experience as the Project’s facilitators and group members, research connected to the Project, and their advocacy for the need to include equity work in social work doctoral education. They also identify four important themes that seemed to emanate from their work.

Ashley Davis, PhD, LICSW, is an assistant professor of social work at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts. She teaches courses on both the BSW and MSW programs, including social work practice with children and families, social research, and the dynamics of oppression and privilege. Her scholarship focuses on anti-racism and white privilege in social work practice, and on effective teaching strategies for helping social work students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to promote racial justice. She is active in anti-racism work within her community and maintains a private practice in which she sees couples and families from diverse backgrounds.

Allyson Livingstone, PhD, LICSW, has been a social work practitioner for nearly 15 years. Dr. Livingstone is an assistant professor of social work at Salem State University. Her teaching, research, and social work practice interests are in the areas of racial justice, analyzing and eradicating multisystemic privilege and oppression, social identity equity in education, and student mental health. Dr. Livingstone’s employment experiences are in the areas of psychotherapy, teaching, and mental health and racial justice consulting.

Interviewer: Berg Miller, MSW

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