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“It’s not waiting around for them to change. It’s on us to come together and push for the changes that we know we need. That’s the foundation of the overarching safer spaces umbrella that I work under. It’s what inspires me.”

Zoë Beery

Harm reduction approaches are gaining increased acceptance as a valuable tool in saving lives and reducing the risks associated with drug use.

On today’s show, we will speak with journalist and harm reduction organizer Zoë Beery about her work helping people minimize the risks of participating in and using drugs at raves, clubs and music festivals. Zoë will describe what harm reduction efforts look like at these events, which drugs are most commonly used at them, and what can be done to make these experiences less dangerous.

Listeners will find thought-provoking information and specific implications for practice, policy and a compassionate, person-centered approach to reducing the risks associated with drug use.

Zoe Berry

Zoë Beery is a nightlife harm reduction organizer based in Brooklyn, N.Y. She is the co-creator and co-producer of the safer spaces programs at Horst, Sustain-Release, and Return to the Source. Zoë worked for four years as a safer spaces monitor and community events producer at Nowadays. She also co-founded the literary reading series Writing on Raving and has contributed freelance stories on movements for social change to the New York Times, Gothamist, Resident Advisor and many other publications.

Show Notes

Zoë Beery’s Home Page

Read more about harm reduction from a nonclinical perspective with this list curated by Zoë Beery:

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