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Dr. Rebecca Thomas and Dr. Jill Witmer Sinha

Microcredit, Women Entrepreneurs, and Nonprofits in Kolkata: Social Work’s Local and International Role

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Dr. Rebecca Thomas &
Dr. Jill Witmer Sinha

Microfinance is recognized as an anti-poverty tool and a conduit for financial assistance and capacity building. In their research, Drs. Rebecca Thomas and Jill Witmer Sinha examine differences between the benefits provided by nonprofit and for-profit microfinance institutions specifically as they pertain to women. Drs. Thomas and Sinha present findings from a case study of one program in Kolkata, India highlighting the array of complementary services offered to microloan clients and their potential for bridging the gap between the “haves and have-nots.”

Interviewer: Kathleen Kost, PhD, MSSW, MA

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