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Case study made up of research, data, evidence, and knowledge.

Constructing Pathways of Change: Using Implementation Science to Advance Social Work Practice and Address Research-to-Practice Gaps

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“Implementation Science is about researching how we get evidence into practice.”

Dr. Julia Moore

In this podcast our guest, Julia Moore, PhD, discusses why implementation science is relevant to the advancement of the Social Work profession and she addresses the research-to-practice gaps that currently exist. Dr. Moore explains what implementation science is, and how implementation science models, theories, and frameworks can be applied to increase the uptake and use of programs, services, and supports. Examples of how social workers can approach practice challenges differently by applying implementation science are provided, including how implementation science can help reduce inequities in care.

Dr. Julia Moore

Dr. Julia E. Moore is the Senior Director for the Center for Implementation. Dr. Moore has a PhD from Penn State, where she was trained as an implementation scientist, researching the best ways to implement evidence-based programs. She is most passionate about supporting professionals how to use implementation science, having trained over 2000 people in workshops and online courses and supporting over 100 implementation projects.

Interviewer: Louanne Bakk, PhD

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