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Dr. John Gallagher

It’s all about relationships: Drug Courts – what are they and how do they work? (part 2 of 2)

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“Part of the reason that we think racial disparities may exist in some treatment courts is because African-American participants felt that they never had a safe, confidential environment to get true good quality treatment. [I] propose a reduction in collaboration between treatment providers and the drug court system.”

Dr. John Gallagher

In the second of a two-part podcast, our guest Dr. John Gallagher elaborates on the racial disparities his research is revealing related to drug court outcomes. He describes the four main themes he has identified via qualitative research with African-American drug court participants and recommendations for practice based on this work.

John R. Gallagher, PhD, LSW, LCAC, is an associate professor at Indiana University School of Social Work. His research agenda is related to exploring the factors that may contribute to racial disparities in drug court outcomes, predicting graduation and recidivism outcomes in drug courts, exploring women’s lived experiences in drug court, and identifying the role of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in drug court programming. Dr. Gallagher serves as Associate Editor for Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly and has practiced addiction and mental health counseling for nearly 20 years.

Interviewer: Caitlin Rudin

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