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“Continuous quality assurance in Child Welfare is really a client-centered philosophy. We have limited resources and we need to make sure that the services that we’re providing families and children are actually contributing to positive results for those families.”

Tracey Feild &
Cynthia Weiskittel

In this episode, our guests Tracey Feild and Cynthia Weiskittel describe their experience with programs they implemented that utilize data-driven processes to measure the quality and impact of service delivery. They discuss the challenges to using data and fostering buy-in to measuring service provision. Our experts conclude with describing how providers can bring this process to bear in their own organizations.

Tracey Feild earned her master’s degree in housing and public policy from Michigan State University. Now retired, Tracey led The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s strategic child welfare consulting efforts working closely with state, county and city agencies to implement major system reforms that improve outcomes for children. Tracey also served as Executive Director of the Social Services Administration of the Maryland Department of Human Resources, and Deputy Director of the Ohio Department of Human Services..

Cynthia Weiskittel earned her master’s degree of public administration from Cleveland State University. Ms. Weiskittel has served as the Deputy Director of Cuyahoga county Department of Children and Family Services since 2005 and has also worked as a national consultant for the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Interviewer: Charles Syms, LCSW/ACSW

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