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Dr. Louanne Bakk

Racial/Ethnic Differences in Cost-Related Nonadherence and Medicare Part D

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“Interventions are really needed in the field of social work to help address some of these disparities, so for example, using a patient-centered approach in discussing cost-related nonadherence as well as medication concerns or insuring that we are assessing for cost-related nonadherence when we are working with older clients. . .”

Dr. Louanne Bakk

In this episode, our guest Dr. Louanne Bakk discusses her research examining how the enactment of Medicare Part D changed the lives of recipients. While the benefit assisted some, the costs borne by low-income participants appears to have fostered cost-related nonadherence with prescription medication use, which appears linked to racial and ethnic disparities.

Louanne Bakk is the director of the Institute on Innovative Aging Policy and Practice and a clinical assistant professor at the University at Buffalo School of Social Work. She is skilled in teaching in seated, hybrid, and online environments and has taught several different courses in the social work curriculum, including research, program evaluation, social welfare policy, aging policy, community social work in action, administrative skills in social work practice, and social work practice with communities, groups, and organizations. Dr. Bakk’s research interests are in aging, with an emphasis on policy initiatives designed to assist older adults, disparities in later life, community-based intervention programs and services, and technology and older adults.

Interviewer: Jacqueline McGinley, PhD, LMSW

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