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Dr. Mandy Davis

Trauma Informed Oregon: A Statewide Initiative to Change How Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Perceived and Addressed

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“The two big things we focus on are workforce wellness and that is no small thing; we don’t have a lot of good research around what strategies organizations can put in place to keep our workforce well enough to provide those services; and we really focus on the harm that institutions have done to recognize that as part of trauma experience. . . .”

Dr. Mandy Davis

In this episode, our guest Dr. Mandy Davis describes Trauma Informed Oregon, a statewide collaborative whose purpose is to prevent and ameliorate the impact of adverse experiences on children, adults, and families. She discusses challenges and barriers to promoting and sustaining trauma-informed policies and practices, and emphasizes the need to train and provide social work students with the skills required to understand the impact of trauma.

Dr. Mandy Davis is an associate professor of practice at the Portland State University School of Social Work and Director of Trauma Informed Oregon. Trauma Informed Oregon is a statewide collaborative that works in partnership with providers, organizations, and individuals who have experienced trauma in order to promote and sustain trauma-informed policies and practices. Dr. Davis works with Trauma Informed Oregon to provide training, consultation, and workforce development to organizations and systems around trauma-informed care and trauma-specific services.

Interviewer: Josal Diebold

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