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Dr. Annemarie Gockel

Practicing Presence: A Curriculum for Integrating Mindfulness Training into Direct Practice Instruction

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“At this point, there is so much research available that links mindfulness training to really key skills, such as the ability to direct and sustain attention, to tolerate and regulate affect, to be flexible in your thinking, to be open and responsive, and to have empathy and compassion for oneself and others. And so, these skills are not only incredibly powerful for clients, but they are also pretty foundational for clinical practice.”

Dr. Annemarie Gockel

In this episode, Dr. Annemarie Gockel describes her work, research, and experience as a social work educator who integrates mindfulness training with students into her social work courses. She discusses what mindfulness can look like in a classroom setting and how to introduce this method in this context.

Annemarie Gockel, PhD, MSW, received her masters of social work at the University of Toronto with a dual specialization in addictions and women’s services in 1996 and her doctor of philosophy in counseling psychology at the University of British Columbia in 2007. Prior to her doctorate, Annemarie worked as a therapist, supervisor, and program coordinator with individuals, couples, and groups at a family service agency. Annemarie’s research has contributed to effective clinical practice in women’s addiction services and child and family preservation programs. She has investigated the links between spirituality, mental health, and counseling interventions, as well as explored the utility of mindfulness in clinical practice and social work training. Annemarie is currently an associate professor and the chair of the social work practice sequence at the Smith College School for Social Work.

Interviewer: Elaine Hammond

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