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“Building on your natural curiosity… towards new skills, towards new answers, and a new way of doing that. We need a model for social work leadership, a model that fits the strengths and unique skill sets that are inherent in social work… it is not about fitting social work into leadership. It’s about developing leadership that enhances social work, and we do that together. We do that from starting out by being positively frustrated.”

Chad Allee

The idea of leadership is finding its way more often into the discussions of professional social work, but what is meant by “leadership”? And, what does being a “leader” mean? In this episode, Chad Allee describes what leadership is, argues for the importance of leadership in social work, and points to the need to cultivate more social work leaders.

Chad Michael Allee, LMSW, is an adjunct professor in the School of Social Work at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He is licensed in both clinical and macro social work practice and is focused on increasing awareness of the benefits of an Advanced Generalist practice approach. His teaching interests include practice based research, intervention and program planning with a social work values based focus, bridging the gap between academic research and real-world practice, and helping BSW level students discover their social work path. Mr. Allee is the clinical director at a community based therapy practice and serves the local community by working to eliminate child abuse and neglect through education and awareness.

Interviewer: Steven Schwartz, LCSW

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