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Dr. Lisa Butler & Janice Carello

Potentially Perilous Pedagogies: Teaching Trauma Is Not the Same as Trauma-Informed Teaching

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“To be trauma-informed in an educational context is to understand the role that violence and victimization may have played in the lives of students, and then to apply that understanding to not only curriculum development, but also policies and practices in the classroom to help improve student learning outcomes.”

Dr. Lisa Butler & Janice Carello

n this podcast, Janice Carello and Dr. Lisa Butler apply the principles and practices of trauma-informed care to educational settings. They begin with an overview of major concepts, concerns, and effects related to trauma and working with people who have experienced trauma, as well as explain the differences between trauma-informed and trauma-specific services. They then discuss the reasons why educators should adopt a trauma-informed approach, and the positive outcomes for students and educators that can come from it. They close by providing some general principles and specific practices for making educational spaces more trauma-informed.

Lisa D. Butler, PhD is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at the University at Buffalo (UBSSW). Her recent research involves investigations into anticipatory traumatic stress symptoms; trauma, stress, and self-care in MSW clinical training; applications of the trauma-informed framework; and identifying the care needs of Veterans and their families.

Janice Carello, MA, LMSW is a doctoral student in the School of Social Work at the University at Buffalo (UBSSW). Her research focuses on developing and applying trauma-informed educational practices in higher education settings. Recently she has been studying the risks and benefits of emotional disclosure and trigger warnings in college classrooms. She has also been investigating trauma, stress, and self-care in MSW clinical training.

Interviewer: Steven Halady, PhD

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