Episode 93 - Dr. Elizabeth Strand: Veterinary Social Work: "One Health" in Action

Monday, April 02, 2012, 9:11:57 AM

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In this episode, Dr. Elizabeth Strand discusses Veterinary Social Work (VSW) as a subspecialty of social work practice that is a part of the One Health Initiative. One Health embraces the fact that health and well-being among humans, animals, and the environment are inextricably linked - a concept that adheres to social work's guiding "ecological perspective." Dr. Strand offers an introduction to VSW and her work in it.

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Average Rating: 5stars  podcast discussion # 2, Wednesday, May 07, 2014

By Ashley Franklin :

Dr. Strand does an amazing job of explaining veterinary social work (VSW) to the general public. I particularly chose this podcast, because I am interesting in integrating animals into my social work practice. Dr. Strand defines VSW into four key areas: human & animal violence, grief & bereavement, animal assisted interactions, and compassion fatigue management. I believe the component that I am most interested in is animal assisted interactions. I agree with Dr. Strand that more research in VSW needs to be conducted; this podcast has added to my confirmation of pursuing a PhD in this area of social work. Dr. Strand opened my eyes to what VSW truly is, and to remember that our clients are humans, not animals. I believe that is an important aspect to take away from this podcast, as an animal lover it can be difficult to set aside your personal emotions, but as Dr. Strand reminds us social work is a judge free zone. Dr. Strand calls this her purist stance, which I have come to realize is an important stand to take in VSW. As social workers are number one concern is our client, and if we decide to include animals we should work in conjunction with an animal behaviorist to make sure their needs are met as well. Please take the time to listen to Dr. Strand, as I believe this is a very important topic that should be integrated into more social work curriculum's.

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