Episode 161 - Bonnie Collins and Elaine Hammond: Integrating Spirituality Into Social Work Practice: A Conversation (part 2 of 2)

Monday, February 16, 2015, 7:56:28 AM

Image of Bonnie Collins and Elaine Hammond

This is the second of a two-part discussion on integrating spirituality into social work practice. In this continuing conversation, Bonnie Collins and Elaine Hammond talk more specifically about assessment protocols and intervention strategies. They discuss the use of rituals, ceremonies, and meditation in their work. They also identify resources for those wanting information on how to incorporate spirituality into their practice.

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Average Rating: 5stars  spirituality in social work, Sunday, January 24, 2016

By Joann Chopra :

I found this podcast interesting and helpful in pointing out the importance and the impact spirituality can have on social work practice. Bonnie Collins and Elaine Hammond described the many interventions that can be incorporated into practice based around spirituality. They discussed a variety of interventions such as: genograms, rituals, prayer, meditation, dream work, stories/narratives, guided imagery, and dance. With each intervention they shared related stories from their practice which really helped me to understand how powerful and impactful incorporating spirituality can be for the client as well as the practitioner. They also shared a very interesting concept of a client healing and moving from a victim to someone who is thriving by participating in several different rituals. The podcast also discussed a variety of books that would be helpful with spirituality. The need for self-awareness as an essential element to the success of incorporating spirituality with clients was briefly discussed.
This podcast had a good conversational tone that continued to point out the importance and relevance of spiritually in social work practice today.

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Average Rating: 5stars  very interesting topic, Wednesday, November 25, 2015

By Joe Magliocco :

After having read The Dancing Healers by Carl Hammerschlag for interventions class, I was intrigued by the notion of incorporating spirituality into social work practice. However, I was at a loss for how one would be actually approach doing this type of work with clients. This two part podcast by Bonnie Collins and Elaine Hammond was exactly what I needed to hear. These two experienced social workers talk about the importance of spiritually in the life of many clients and how it is too powerful a resource to ignore. I like the way Elaine put it when she called spirituality the “fuel” to change and meet challenges in life. They point out how hard it can be for students and even experienced workers to talk about this subject. They stress two components to be able to work with this material: (1) find out what spirituality means to you and do it in a formal way so you are grounded in it; and (2) learn about other’s spirituality and work on being able to tolerate the differences. They discuss how spirituality plays an important role in how people respond to trauma. I especially benefited from their description of the journey of the trauma victim from first seeing themselves as victims, then survivors, and finally “thrivers”. I was very interested to hear that it’s the second transition which clients find the most difficult. This was good information to get independently of the subject of spirituality. Bonnie and Elaine talk about how to broach the subject of spirituality during assessment and how it can be used in interventions. I would recommend listening to both podcasts if you are all interested in this subject. Even if you’re not, I still recommend it because, as they point out, it’s bound to come up with your work with clients. When I first saw the advanced year social work elective “Spirituality in Social Work” in the course catalog, I was sure I had no interest in taking it. Now that I’ve listened to these podcasts, I’m definitely going to consider it.

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