Episode 79 - Brian Farragher: The Sanctuary Model: Changing the Culture of Care - Transforming Human Services (part 2 of 2)

Monday, September 05, 2011, 9:01:52 AM

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Changing the culture of care in an organization is a challenging, continuous, and transformational process. In this episode, Brian Farragher discusses the work of the Sanctuary Institute, which has trained over 200 agencies worldwide in the principles and methods of the Sanctuary Model.

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Average Rating: 3stars  the sanctuary model in historical perspective, Thursday, February 13, 2020

By Barbara Deitz :

In 2011, this interview with Brian Farragher outlined a model of organizational change toward Trauma Informed Care developed in the 1980's and mediated by the Andrus Sanctuary Institute in partnership with Sandra Bloom. This early model of transformative change is based on the following format: assessment of the organization and training of a small group of representatives of the organization, with this group then carrying the message to a larger group within the organization. This larger group is charged with examining the original personal and organizational values from which organizations have strayed, and engaging commitments to change, which become part of the cultural fabric of the organization, sustainably maintained by conscious attention and ongoing training in subsequent years. 

Farragher places the need for organizational transformation toward trauma informed care within the context of school shootings, and within the framework of democratic organizational structures. 

This need for transformative change in organizations is one which I think has become better understood in the years since, as reflected in contemporary models for organizational change, such as those offered by the Institute for Trauma and Trauma Informed Care (ITTIC at the University at Buffalo, which on it's website conveys TIC in more concise terminology.

The podcast is useful as it offers a sense of the historical development of thought around organizational change toward TIC, and the outlining of one of the first models to enact it.

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