Episode 28 - Dr. Elaine Maccio: Helping Survivors of Katrina - An Evaluation

Monday, September 07, 2009, 10:13:17 AM

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In this episode, Dr. Elaine Maccio discusses an evaluation of an initiative designed to address the mental health needs of hurricane Katrina survivors.

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Average Rating: 4stars  great!, Wednesday, April 24, 2013

By Ben Hilligas :

The project being discussed is interesting. Dr. Maccio reports that one year after Katrina a high ranking individual in the Tulane Social Work department sought to put together a program to provide MH services for victims of the hurricane. Multiple community partners were brought to the table to develop the program which came to involve CBT administered by practitioners from these partnering agencies to Katrina survivors. Dr. Maccio was brought in almost a year after the program began to help evaluate the program and identify successes and problems with the program. This was a research process as it was a program evaluation. Dr. Maccio interviewed the community partners who had originally been brought to the table to develop the program and developed a survey which was sent to 83 practitioners working in the program. Dr. Maccio admits she got a very low response to the survey. The results of the assessment was that Dr. Maccio found the practitioners thought CBT was effective for survivors. Faults with the program were that many potential clients were not made aware of the program. It was mostly thought that the partnering agencies were pleased with the program and applauded the fact that something new, which had never been done before, was being implemented.
One thing I learned was that CBT can be effective with survivors of natural disasters. What I found surprising although I probably should not have was that Dr. Maccio stated that there is very little social work which is done in southern Louisiana that does not relate back to Hurricane Katrina. I was also interested to hear about natural disaster social work as being a specific discipline. I was also interested to hear Dr. Maccio mention the UB response to 9/11 as I was at the University on that day and remember the response she described.

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Average Rating: 5stars  review, Tuesday, April 23, 2013

By Catie F :

The information that Dr. Maccio shared in this podcast about program evaluation of the CBT protocol was very interesting to me. I volunteered in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina so this information was personal to me; I am glad to hear that the programs supporting victims of Hurricane Katrina and other hurricanes are being evaluated and that they are showing positive results. I wish the evaluation had included the actual participants of the CBT protocol, but as Dr. Maccio said, it would be difficult as a comparison group would not be available. Another aspect I wish had been focused on more in the evaluation is the follow-up with practitioners to solicit their responses. Although many practitioners were identified, only 14 of their survey responses were able to be used for the results of the study. This podcast was very interesting. It melded some of the information I have learned in my generalist social work class along with my research methods class to help me visualize what program evaluation looks like in our society.

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